Fingers & Toes A Nail Retreat

Fingers & Toes A Nail Retreat

Cleaning and Sanitation

At Fingers and Toes, sanitation is our highest priority! Our air jetted, pipe less pedicure tubs provide you with the most sanitary pedicure available! All of our tubs and tools are disinfected with a hospital grade disinfectant. In addition, all tools are further sterilized in a heat sterilizer, then sealed in a sterilization pouch. These tools will be used for your services alone, and then put through our thorough sterilization process, before used again. We never re-use files and buffers. At the end of your service, you can either take them home with you, or we will throw them away. 




Salon Hours

Tuesday10am - 6pm
Wednesday10am - 6pm
Thursday10am - 6pm
Friday10am - 6pm
Saturday10am - 6pm
Sunday10am - 6pm

Fingers & Toes A Nail Retreat - 743 South University Blvd. - Denver, CO 80209, USA - 303-955-1920

Denver, Colorado